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My Story

Anika is the Co-Owner of NBG Solutions (Real Estate Investment Company), CEO of Nobody Greater LLC, founder of A Woman's World: Online Community for Women, Curator of Women of Impact Conference Series, hosts her Podcast Your Voice; Your Power with Anika. She shares Inspiration, Information and Resources wherever she can. Her passion is Emotional Intelligence, Leadership & Mental Wellness. Her education, tests, and testimonies are unique and PowerFilled. She currently resides in Hawaii.

"You can live in fear or faith. They don't exist concurrently. Choose your path, don't let it choose you! Take control today!"

My Mission

My mission is to help others use their pain, education, experiences, and gifts to live their dreams in real-time. Life is short, not promised by any means. When you choose to live rather than exist, the sky is the limit. 

Through my extensive psychological, business and organizational knowledge coupled with years of experience, I am able to assist businesses, corporations, and individuals thrive. I pride myself on my reputation for working one-on-one with each customer to handle their individual situations.


With the ability to provide developmental strategies from various modalities rooted in decades of experience in the government, corporate and private sectors, I will help you succeed. I have a diverse team of professionals that have the ability to synthesize your gifts to bring your vision to life.